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Regardless of how new or clean your home is, there is an army of intruders out there, waiting for a chance to get inside. Pests like to be indoors for the same reasons you do – warmth, food, water, shelter – and they have a number of ways to get in.

Treatment methods :

Our pest treatment focuses on both the interior and exterior of the home.

FIRST: The service professional will apply pest control materials that are environmentally friendly, in areas where most effective since certain pests may have a preference for a particular bait, we utilize a number of treatment options including gels, dust, granules and liquids.

NEXT: Because the exterior of the home is where most new infestations originate, control materials will be applied to the exterior perimeter of your home and to the immediate area.

FINALLY: Based on your pest control needs, the service professional will return periodically to provide additional exterior treatment.

Pests: house mouse, rats, cockroach, silverfish, yellow jacket, wasps, bumblebee, clothes moth, centipede, hornets, millipede, spiders, ants, earwig, lice, tick, honeybee, wood eating insects, scorpions e.t.c.

Cost of program: based on size of house and garden.

A one time service also available.

Snake repellent and treatment also available

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